Clash of Kings – Beginner’s Tips To Properly Playing The Game


Strategy games are always fun to play, especially if they’re multiplayer strategy game since you get to go against another player. This is what you will experience when you play Clash of Kings. A multiplayer strategy game where you get to build a castle, train troops, and battle other players. In fact, this is actually a player-vs-player game since you won’t really be playing the storyline that the game will provide at the start.

Clash of Kings Beginner’s Tips

Sure there will be some minor quests or missions to complete in the beginning during the tutorial period but after that, the goal will be simple. And that is to develop your castle, acquire strong heroes and develop them, and then become one of the top players in the game. It sounds simple but it’s not going to be easy, especially for beginners. Here are some tips that you can use to make it easier to play the game.

  1. Always Take Advantage of Free Resources – At the beginning of the game, you will likely have many opportunities to get free resources like following the game on Facebook, inviting friends to play, and so on. It’s important that you take advantage of all of these free opportunities since resources will be important in developing and upgrading your castle. After that, you will mostly rely on daily quests and missions to get free resources then the rest will come from certain buildings in your castle and as well as when you raid other castles.
  2. Try To Join A Good Alliance In the Beginning – One of the most important tips that you will need to know to increase your chances of doing well in this game is joining a good and powerful alliance. Being part of an alliance, especially the top alliances in your world, will provide you with protection from being attacked by other players. You can also learn more about the game, as well as some tips and strategies from alliance members, especially those who have been playing a while and already have a powerful castle.
  3. Focus More On Upgrading Buildings and Researching – In the early parts of the game, it’s important that you focus more on upgrading your buildings and researching instead of battling other castles. This is because upgrading buildings will unlock more structures to build, as well as more powerful troops to train. Focus more on upgrading buildings that produce resources to increase your castle’s production. Do this for research as well, focus on research to increase resource production. Having plenty of resources will be the key to developing your castle, so focus on upgrading it first. This will be easier to do if you’re part of a strong alliance since you don’t have to worry too much about other bases trying to attack you.
  4. Train and Equip Soldiers for Defensive Purposes – Of course, this doesn’t mean you will forget about training troops. You will still need them to defend your castle. Even if you’re part of a good alliance, there’s no guarantee that no other base will attack you. So it’s best that you also have some troops to defend your base so you won’t easily lose resources.
  5. Take Advantage of In-Game Events – Games like Clash of Kings will always have events, quests, or missions that players can participate in. Make sure that you participate since these usually provide good rewards.

These are just some of the things that you need to do to have a good start in playing Clash of Kings. The thing to remember about this game is that it will always be a constant quest to become one of the strongest players. This means having a well-developed castle, the best heroes in the game, and troops.